Friday, 22 February 2013

Face Lift Surgery in India

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Face Lift Surgery

A face lift can be done in conjunction with eyelid surgery, nose surgery, chin reduction or augmentation, liposuction to below the chin and injection of fat or tissue.Face divides into three regions anatomically and surgery is planned for each individual regions. Upper face includes temple region, forehead and brows and the surgery is called as upper face lift or forehead lift for this region. Middle face includes cheek area, and the surgery is called as mid-face lift or cheek lift for this region. Lower face includes jowls and neck, and the surgery is called as lower face lift or neck lift for this region. Each region can be operated individually or combined.Upper face lift is aimed at lifting the brows, tightening the forehead and temple region. In the traditional upper face lift, the skin is cut behind the hairline, from ear to ear. 

Then, the skin of the forehead is lifted away from the underlying muscles. The excess skin is trimmed away, and the skin cut is closed with stitches. This technique causes much bleeding and remarkable scars. Another technique that I always use is modern endoscopic forehead lift. In this procedure, 2 cm in length 4 skin cuts behind the hairline are done; an endoscope is placed under the skin in order to get a clear view of the muscles and tissues under the skin. Then the surgeon inserts another instrument through a separate skin cut to lift the forehead skin and remove or alter the muscles and underlying tissues. The forehead skin is tacked up in a higher position. This technique causes much less bleeding and much less scars. Mid-face lift is aimed at lifting the cheeks and tightening the cheek skin. Cheeks sag together with muscles, fat tissue and skin. If this procedure is done as tightening the skin alone, sagging of the muscles and fat tissue is only camouflaged and effectiveness is lost within the short period.


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